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Født medio 1979. Astrofysikstuderende. Kommunist. Musikelsker. Computernørd.

Enjoyify your LaTeX workflow: Kile, Xe(La)TeX and SyncTeX.

Obviously, writing a thesis an’ all, these days I’m pretty interested in ways to make my working environment as pleasant and smooth as possible. I do, after all, spend a lot of time in it. Recently, I’ve spent quite some … Continue reading

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Sound woes: Skype on Linux

I love Linux. But sometimes, just sometimes, it makes me so very annoyed. I got a laptop a few months ago, which is running Ubuntu 10.04, and is very pretty and a lot faster than Windows 7 on the same … Continue reading

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Okay, I have been sorta inactive blogging lately. Like, for a long time. Long story. Anyway, I’m now through 5 out of 12 months writing my Master thesis. Quite early on in the process, I decided to abandon IDL (which … Continue reading

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Letter from a former Skateboard Punk Rocker

Recently, triggered by the verdict in the Oakland Shooting case, I remembered the old song “Graffiti Limbo” by Michelle Shocked, which suddenly, after so many years, seemed all too relevant and fresh and necessary. Seeing no other way to share … Continue reading

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Gappy Together

In smug contendedness that our Commie-Yankee family reunificated alliance has contributed to pissing off our national chauvinistic politicians; Fuck You Skaarup Productions in collaboration with Nuh Nuh-Nuh-Nuh Nuh! Promotion proudly present: Gappy Together!

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More fabulous software

Callisto-Jupiter Originally uploaded by Lusepuster I just rediscovered the fabulous free software package Celestia. I am going to use it in the physics classes that I am teaching – the danish equivalent of junior year of high school, more or … Continue reading

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Posts imported

I imported some anglophone  posts from my other blog. that’s why some posts suddenly appear before the first one.

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