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Enjoyify your LaTeX workflow: Kile, Xe(La)TeX and SyncTeX.

Obviously, writing a thesis an’ all, these days I’m pretty interested in ways to make my working environment as pleasant and smooth as possible. I do, after all, spend a lot of time in it. Recently, I’ve spent quite some … Continue reading

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Okay, I have been sorta inactive blogging lately. Like, for a long time. Long story. Anyway, I’m now through 5 out of 12 months writing my Master thesis. Quite early on in the process, I decided to abandon IDL (which … Continue reading

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Humbler than thou!

The guys over at Cosmic Variance always have something interesting to present. This time, Sean hasĀ  for some obscure reason been surfing on the Passion For Christ Movement website. What he did there I do not know, but what he … Continue reading

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